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Mencari Ruang Sewa, Bahagian 3

Tinjauan aspirasi dan pilihan penyewa

Kami simpulkan siri kajian ini dengan sebuah tinjauan terhadap norma penyewaan, keresahan penyewa, dan aspirasi perumahan mereka.

27 January 2023

Research Public Goods

Mencari Ruang Sewa, Bahagian 2

Tiga Cadangan Pendekatan Dasar Pro-Penyewaan

Ramai rakyat Malaysia yang menyewa terdedah kepada risiko yang kurang mendapat perhatian dasar. Kami meninjau pendekatan global yang boleh menjadi contoh bagi dasar penyewaan yang lebih baik untuk mereka.

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21 December 2022

Editorial Public Goods

Kerajaan perpaduan harus mempedulikan golongan penyewa

Kami sarankan beberapa langkah yang boleh diambil untuk memperkasakan pasaran rumah sewa.

14 December 2022

Editorial Others

Reflections on the leadership we need after GE15 and beyond

To those standing for election on November 19th, a reminder that it’s the country’s turn, not yours.

18 November 2022

Editorial Safety Nets

#GE15: Three social protection policy directions every party manifesto should have

Social protection should not be seen as a ‘charity’ but a necessary and lifelong safety net for everyone.

1 November 2022

Editorial Societal Contracts

What Comes After the Mandatory Death Penalty in Post-GE15 Malaysia?

Despite recent positive developments, more needs to be done to ensure an effective sentencing reform agenda.

27 October 2022

Editorial Safety Nets

Setelah pengeluaran KWSP, apakah langkah untuk melindungi persaraan rakyat?

Pengubah dasar perlu menawarkan cadangan yang akan menjamin kesejahteraan kewangan bagi semua rakyat Malaysia pada masa hadapan.

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29 September 2022

Research Public Goods

Room for Rent, Part 3

Survey of renters’ experiences and preferences

What do renters want? What factors are likely to encourage long-term renting? We conclude our research series with a survey probing renting norms, insecurities that renters face, and their future housing aspirations.

14 September 2022

Editorial Safety Nets

Responses to delivery riders missing the bigger picture

Recent issues on delivery riders can be traced to one conundrum: the unclear employment classification for gig workers. To resolve this, we will need to establish a regulatory sandbox.

30 August 2022

Editorial Safety Nets

Support job transition, facilitate career advancement

Rethinking Malaysia’s skills development approach

Pumping more investments on training programmes and facilities will not resolve accessibility barriers. We argue for a policy shift from purely supplying training to helping workers identify and realize opportunities that best fulfill their needs.

11 August 2022

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