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In-depth Explorations

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Beyond Boom And Bust, Part 2

Trade-Offs in Developing Better Migrant Worker Policies

How much are we willing to give up to reduce reliance and ensure welfare standards? In Part II of this research series we delve a little deeper to weigh the trade-offs of proposed solutions.

14 August 2021

Beyond Boom And Bust, Part 1

Pitfalls of Short-Termist Migrant Worker Policies

The differing stances on migrant worker COVID-19 vaccination is just one more example of issues with Malaysia’s migrant worker policies. In Part 1 of this research series, we outline where we are today.

22 June 2021

Bahagian 2: Sokongan Terhadap Hukuman Mati di Kalangan Rakyat Malaysia – Bila dan Untuk Apa?

Bagaimanakah sokongan rakyat Malaysia terhadap hukuman mati berubah dengan jenayah dan situasi yang berbeza? Kami menjawab persoalan ini melalui kajian persepsi atas hukuman mati di Malaysia.

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30 March 2021

Bahagian 1: Sejauh Manakah Rakyat Malaysia Menyokong Hukuman Mati?

Jawapannya bukan semudah ‘Ya’ atau ‘Tidak’

Adakah rakyat Malaysia benar-benar menyokong hukuman mati? Kami meninjau persoalan ini dengan mendalam melalui kajian ini.

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30 March 2021

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Our Positions

When Will Malaysia Reform Its Use Of The Death Penalty?

The recent case of Hairun Jalmani has reignited public debate about the death penalty in Malaysia. We ask questions on long overdue sentencing reform in the country.

27 October 2021

Who Decides What’s Unacceptably Hateful?

We discuss official inaction on ‘hate-preachers’ in this editorial and who, ideally, should decide on how hateful speech is dealt with.

4 October 2021

Too Much? Not Enough? Drawing the Line When Monitoring Harmful Online Content

We share the challenges that we face in tracking online hate and call for more effective content regulation policies.

27 September 2021

Perlukah Cubaan Bunuh Diri Terus Dijenayahkan di Malaysia?

Kami menyeru agar satu kerangka yang empatetik dan berasaskan rawatan diwujudkan bagi menangani isu bunuh diri di negara kita.

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18 August 2021

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Factual Overviews

Malaysia’s Migrant Worker Recruitment Process

How are migrant workers recruited in Malaysia and why has the recruitment model come under heavy criticism in recent years? We present an overview of the process, together with a brief discussion of known issues and problems.

22 June 2021

Perihal Ucapan Kebencian di Malaysia Hari Ini

Pengenalan terhadap ucapan kebencian dan peruntukan undang-undang yang berkaitan.

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14 November 2019

How We Deal With Hate Speech Today

An introduction to hate speech and current laws that address it.

Baca Versi BM
10 November 2019

Hukuman Mati di Malaysia

Tahun lalu, kerajaan telah mengumumkan cadangan untuk memansuhkan hukuman mati mandatori. Ketahui latar belakang pelaksanaan hukuman mati di Malaysia dan perkembangan terkini.

17 September 2019

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