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Setahun Bersama COVID-19

Bahagian 1: Bagaimana Pandemik Memberi Kesan kepada Kesejahteraan Mental dan Fizikal Rakyat Malaysia

Setahun yang lalu, kami telah meninjau kesan PKP 1.0 terhadap kesihatan mental rakyat Malaysia. Setahun kemudian, adakah pandangan masyarakat tentang kesejahteraan mereka telah berubah?

4 November 2021

Research Public Goods

A Year of Living Under COVID-19

Part 4: What Are the Most Significant Drivers of Mental Health During this Global Pandemic?

Age, gender, and marital status emerge as greatest predictors of negative mental health in our study.

30 May 2021

Research Public Goods

A Year Of Living Under COVID-19

Part 3: Employment, Income and Mental Health

Over the past year, many Malaysians saw their employment, business and incomes decline due to the pandemic. We take a closer look at the impact of these changes on mental well-being.

28 April 2021

Research Public Goods

A Year Of Living Under COVID-19

Part 2: How Isolation and Working From Home Affected Malaysians’ Mental Health

Over the past year, Malaysians have spent more time indoors and endured social restrictions. We look at how this has affected mental well-being.

8 April 2021

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Editorial Public Goods

The Financing Of RapidKL Bus Services Needs A Major Rethink

Lower ridership during CMCO has led to bus route cuts in the Klang Valley. Can the current funding model keep buses running and prioritise the interests of the public? We argue for a fundamental review.

8 January 2021

Editorial Public Goods

Pendekatan Bersepadu Dalam Menangani Masalah Kewangan dan Kesihatan Mental

Masalah kewangan dan kesihatan mental berhubungkait – jadi cara kita menyalurkan bantuan kepada mereka yang terjejas juga perlu bersepadu.

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7 October 2020

Editorial Public Goods

We Need An Integrated Approach to Manage Financial Distress and Mental Health

Financial distress and mental health are related – so why are the ways we structure assistance to those affected still in silos?

Baca Versi BM
24 August 2020

Editorial Public Goods

Safer Spaces: Integrating Mental Well-being Features Into the Urban Built Environment

Rethinking how public housing and public spaces are designed and how urban communities can benefit.

7 July 2020

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Factual Overviews

The Affordable Housing Issue in Malaysia

An overview of the housing affordability gap and its key drivers.

9 September 2021

Pandemic Preparedness: Is a plan enough?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and raised questions on our global preparedness against a pandemic.

7 May 2020

Belanjawan 101

Belanjawan 2020 akan dibentangkan pada 11 Oktober ini. Ketahui latarbelakang dan konsep utama belanjawan negara

6 October 2019

Belanjawan 101: Memahami Hasil Kerajaan Malaysia

Kerajaan mengutip hasil dari pelbagai sumber untuk menjana dana bagi tujuan perbelanjaan negara. Ketahui sumber hasil utama negara.

6 October 2019

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