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Thinking about reskilling? Here’s what you need to know
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Thinking about reskilling? Here’s what you need to know

A primer on the Malaysian skills development system.

By Edwin Goh

11 May 2022

Research Public Goods

Room For Rent, Part 1

A Study of Housing Aspirations vs. Necessity

Malaysia’s housing policy and programs have historically been inclined towards encouraging home ownership, but is this still wise? What about policies for those who rent, whether out of choice or necessity?

15 March 2022
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Stories from an Indebted Generation

In our four-part research series, we wrote about the burden borrowers carry from student loan debt. Now, we present, in their own words, the impact of student loans on their lives.

7 April 2022
Editorial Societal Contracts

Bilakah Penggunaan Hukuman Mati akan Diubah di Malaysia?

Kami bincangkan persoalan reformasi penghukuman yang telah lama tertangguh di negara ini.

26 April 2022

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The Centre is a centrist think tank based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our work is focused on understanding the gaps between top-down policy decisions and ground-level impact through primary research. We aim to bring data-driven yet accessible research to policymakers and to the public.

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Editorial Societal Contracts

“Kaki Dadah”: The Need to Reform Public Perception Towards People Who Use Drugs in Malaysia

Despite recent shifts in the government’s attitude towards drug issues, public sentiments remain largely negative. We explore the possible reasons behind this and call for a more constructive messaging approach.

25 March 2022

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Generasi Berhutang, Bahagian 3

Daripada Pinjaman Pendidikan kepada Akaun Pembelajaran Sepanjang Hayat

Untuk mengurangkan kebergantungan pada pinjaman pendidikan, kami cadangkan kita beralih kepada kaedah pembiayaan yang berasaskan pembelajaran berterusan.

4 March 2022

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#GE15MANIFESTO: What Election Promises Will Be Made On The Minimum Wage?

As Malaysia gears up for a possible General Election this year, we ask our political parties what changes to the minimum wage they can offer voters.

19 February 2022

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Indebted Generation: Part 4

Survey Of Student Loan Borrowers’ Views

How are borrowers impacted by student loans? How do they feel about student loans overall? We conclude our research series with illuminating results from a novel survey on Malaysian student loan borrowers.

27 January 2022

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The Case for A Fair Work Act, Part 5

Fair management, fair representation, and navigating the path to a Fair Work Act

We conclude the Fair Work Act research series by delving into the final pillars of our proposed Fair Work legislation.

22 December 2021

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