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About #TrackerBenci

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#TrackerBenci is a proof-of-concept initiative with the aim of answering two questions: Can we monitor online hateful speech to identify trends in the Malaysian context? And can we do this without overly relying on labour intensive monitoring methods?

Yes, we can. #TrackerBenci operates on machine-learning software designed to sift through and tag Malaysian online chatter (Twitter only for now) containing predetermined words and phrases deemed as hateful.

#TrackerBenci V1.0 is still in early stages of development and has its limitations. However, it has provided many great learnings and insights into AI-powered hate speech research. Get in touch with us if you’d like to be involved in future improvements.

The Centre

The Centre is an independent public policy think tank based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We research issues related to three main research pillars: societal contracts, safety nets, and public goods. Our research is driven by our mission to develop and advocate progressive and pragmatic policy ideas.

Our work on hate speech is part of our effort to research forces threatening societal cohesion in Malaysia.

Check out our past work on hate speech in Malaysia:


#TrackerBenci V1.0 is a prototype by The Centre designed to track Malaysian-context hateful speech with AI. We, and the machine, are still learning - stay tuned!

Developed in partnership with Tellnsearch.